To My Surprise, Russell Gets It Done

By Adam Caparell - November 04, 2006

Just when you thought it would be JaMarcus Russell who would cost the Tigers their game against Tennessee (and he nearly did), the enigmatic QB was the catalyst for LSU’s 4th quarter comeback and its big road win over the Vols.

LSU’s defense had its moments, but if it wants to be considered the best in the country – as was practically mentioned every 90 seconds by Gary Danielson on the CBS telecast (and he’s right on this point) – it can’t give up the lead like it did in the fourth quarter and get bailed out by an iffy big game, crucial situation QB that Russell is.

But I have to give credit to Russell. He simply got the job done. I’m no fan of Russell – he makes too many mistakes and bad decisions (case in point today: 3 interceptions and some poorly thrown balls) – and this game hasn’t really changed my mind on him, but he got LSU its first win on the road in a place LSU never wins.

Florida is in the SEC championship game thanks to the Tennessee loss. For the second time this season, Russell’s play left Florida smiling.

- You know Miami and Virginia Tech have fallen when their yearly game has been relegated to be broadcast by ESPN’s “C” team. Miami’s an underdog for the first time in recent memory at home. A loss by Coker tonight and this could it be for him. He may not even make it to his car if the Canes lose.

- Great job by Michigan State rallying around John L. Smith, playing hard for their canned coach and going all out for that possible bowl berth. If only that were the case for Spartans fans. State couldn’t take advantage of a Purdue team that has no defense and is always ripe for the picking. State's now 4-6 and has a matchup with Penn State left in their regular season finale. Bowling. Not looking so good right now.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 08:18 PM on November 04, 2006

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