Enough Is Enough

By Adam Caparell - November 20, 2006

I agree wholeheartedly with Urban Meyer. There shouldn’t be a rematch between Ohio State and Michigan. We should see some other team in there, whether it winds up being USC, Notre Dame or Meyer’s own Gators.

But enough is enough with the Florida coach and all his complaining about the BCS and his team's standing in the controversial rankings.

Meyer took another opportunity Sunday to spout off. He thinks Florida deserves to be there if they win and that Ohio State shouldn't be forced to play a team it just beat.

He got one of the two right.

It seems that Meyer’s been on railing about the BCS and it’s perils since the calendar changed to November. What Meyer should be concerned about is his team and the Gators finishing their season without another loss.

The Gators finish out their season with Florida State and then will face a tough Arkansas squad in the SEC title game. If the Gators take care of their business, they could win up in the BCS Championship game. I don't think they should be there based on their relative poor play down the stretch and I feel USC should be rewarded for playing all Division I-A teams in their 12-game schedule that included matchups against Arkansas, Nebraska, Oregon, Cal, Notre Dame and Washington State - all teams that have been ranked at least one week this year.

But until then, don’t we all just wish Meyer would take the high road and quit the whining? Meyer can keep railing about a playoff. Lobby for that. Not your team.

If you’re Meyer and you’re so concerned about your perception across the country and you're rankings, strength of schedule, style points, etc., then don’t schedule a I-AA team in the second to last week of the season. Take the week off. A game like that can only hurt you. Florida has absolutely nothing to gain by playing a I-AA team this late in the season. There’s the risk of injury and losing. And you don't get any gain in the BCS.

Face it. Lobbying has become a big part of college football. Coaches, players and administrators around the country have been forced to turn into lobbyist, preaching and pleading to anyone who will listen about poll positioning, Heisman Trophy candidates and whatever other ill is affecting their program. They hope the media will listen, write and discuss, and sway the general opinion.

Well, let’s hope we don’t budge on this one. The amount of whining coming from the SEC, and more specifically Gainesville, is more than I think a lot of us can take.

- Texas coach Mack Brown said Colt McCoy is back to 100 percent today and will be ready to play for the Longhorns Friday against Texas A&M. But when Brown was asked about McCoy when speaking with the media, the coach was quick and curt with his answers about McCoy and wouldn’t elaborate on his condition. Is McCoy 100 percent? Probably not. He suffered a stinger in that crucial loss to Kansas State two weeks ago. But Texas needs McCoy in this rivalry game. There’s still plenty for the Longhorns to play for.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 02:47 PM on November 20, 2006

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