Bowden Just Fine With BCS

By Adam Caparell - December 06, 2006

Count Bobby Bowden among one of the few who have no problems with the BCS.

“I like it. I’m probably one of the few who like it,” the Florida State coach said Tuesday in New York before his National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame induction at the Waldorf Astoria. “The reason is you can’t show me a better one.”

But what about a playoff? Opponents of the BCS want to see the national championship decided on the field. Bowden doesn’t think it would work.

“Now people who come up with a playoff say, ‘I’ve got a better one,’” Bowden said. “I don’t think that would solve it.”

His reasoning: you’re never going to please everyone.

“Right now you’ve got a No. 1 versus No. 2. Now you’ve got No. 3 that is upset. Next year we’re going to have a four team playoff. Now No. 5’s mad. Ok, we’ll have us an eight-team playoff. Now No. 9’s mad.”

The 77-year old is perfectly content to see the BCS stay as is.

“I don’t think it’s anything you solve. All my life it’s been my vote and I think I can live my life the rest of the same way. They pick so and so national champion, fine.”

He has no problems with the three components that make up the BCS, especially the Coaches Poll, which has come under fire in the wake of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel’s decision to abstain from submitting his final regular season ballot.

But in doing so, Bowden highlighted the inherent conflict of interest each coach has that votes in the poll. Bowden, a voter himself, had Florida No. 2 on his final regular season ballot despite expressing reservations over choosing between the Gators and coach Urban Meyer or Michigan and coach Lloyd Carr.

“I don’t have any problems (with the final outcome of the BCS),” Bowden said. “I’d be neutral in saying which team I’d want to be there. I know both coaches pretty good.”

Posted by Adam Caparell at 03:15 PM on December 06, 2006

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