No Way ND Should Be BCS Bound

By Adam Caparell - December 01, 2006

Charlie Weis isn’t concerned so much about Notre Dame’s bowl destination. Nor should he be. His team is going to wind up in the Sugar Bowl despite not deserving the honor of playing in a BCS bowl.

But it comes with the territory when you’re Notre Dame and dealing with the BCS. The system is a popularity contest and that’s why team’s like Louisville and Arkansas will likely be left on the outside looking in while the Irish are making their way to New Orleans.

You can only beat a dead horse so many times, but Notre Dame’s relative unimpressive play, their lack of quality wins and the fact that they haven’t beaten anyone of consequence should rule them out of BCS consideration.

But as Trev Alberts laid it out in his weekly Q&A, the Irish, no matter where they go, are going to bring people to the stadium and eyes to the TV sets because of their name and that’s why if they’re eligible, they’re going to get picked every time over someone more deserving.

It’s not fair, it’s not right, but that’s politics. Something we’re seeing too much of in college football right now.

Like the fact that Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco is lobbying for the Tigers to make it to the Rose Bowl comes off as only slightly absurd if you ask me. Shouldn’t she have more important things to focus on in her state, like for instance the city with the highest murder rate per 100,000 residents – New Orleans.

It’s even more preposterous that Urban Meyer reportedly thought about standing in front of Congress to rail about the BCS. The day that happens, we’ll all need one big reality check.

There’s nothing more ridiculous than politicians butting into sports. It never serves the greater good and almost always it’s a colossal waste of time on the politicians’ part. Taking up time, money and resources that could be put to much better use than coming up with some sort of proposal to Congress on why a playoff is needed.

Granted, we all know college football needs one in the worst way, but we don’t need the Senate and the House getting involved on something so ridiculous in the first place.

Predictions: Two dogs.

Wake Forest (+2.5) over Georgia Tech
Will this be the week Wake finally succumbs to all the injuries that have plagued the Deacons? Possibly, but the more important question is will anyone defend the pass in this game? Probably not. Both teams struggle in that area and Tech QB Reggie Ball is too turnover prone. Wake is one of the best in the country at forcing and creating turnovers. Wake QB Riley Skinner has been amazingly steady, especially away from Winston-Salem. It’s been a dream season for the Deacons and it will continue into the Orange Bowl. Wake by a touchdown.

USC (-13.5) at UCLA
A lot of people seem to think that since it’s a rivalry game and history has dictated this one is generally close, we’re going to see something pretty similar out of the Trojans and Bruins this year. I say no chance. This is a UCLA team that should have beaten Notre Dame and USC had its way with the Irish. Granted, that was home, but the talent discrepancy between USC and UCLA will show. Trojans are 60 minutes away from another national title shot. Pete Carroll doesn’t lose in November and the Bruins are not a good team against the pass. All signs point to a big USC win. Trojans by 14.

Arkansas (+2.5) over Florida.
I pick this one reluctantly, thinking that Florida is the more logical choice based on its name and their talent. But they’re banged up big time and I really don’t think they’re going to have a viable answer to keep Darren McFadden in check. Florida leads the conference in rushing defense (69.7 yards per game) and Arkansas' rushing attack is the best in the league (236.2 yards per game). Something has to give and despite winning five in a row, the Gators still don’t have Marcus Thomas in the middle. Arkansas narrowly pulls this one out.

West Virginia (-10) over Rutgers.
Basically this one is going to rest on how healthy Pat White is. If the quarterback is his normal self, then look out. Rutgers showed it can stop one of the top statistical running attacks in the nation (Navy), but slowing down West Virginia is a different beast. They have a ridiculous amount of speed. This one is in Morgantown, at night, in what will be a raucous environment. Question is how does WVU come into this game with not much to play for after last week’s loss to South Florida? They’ve always handled the Scarlet Knights and here's a chance to play spoiler.. Rutgers covers, but West Virginia ekes it out.

Oklahoma (-3.5) over Nebraska
Nebraska’s offense against Oklahoma’s defense. Nebraska’s offense has been the much more consistent unit throughout the season, but Oklahoma’s defense has really bore down since that tough Oregon loss. Bob Stoops has done an amazing coaching job. Despite the line, I think the Sooners have a sort of underdog feel about them, coming from behind to land in the Big 12 Championship game. The Sooners haven’t always come up big in this game before. But it’s familiar territory for Stoops, not the case for Bill Callahan. Allen Patrick looks to be fine. So do the Sooners. Oklahoma by seven.

Last Week: 3-2
Season: 47-19

Posted by Adam Caparell at 07:30 PM on December 01, 2006

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