First Quarter Observations

By Adam Caparell - January 08, 2007

The first quarter is over and it's a surprising 14-7 with the Gators just yards away from making this a 21-7 game and the Green Room is surprised by what's going on right now.

"Damn, they're blowing them out," Curtis said.

Trev: Florida hasn't had much success with the blitz. We've seen about 10 different formations. We've seen a reversse. Florida is execiting and Ohio State simply isn't executing.

BJ: Those multiple formations are killing OSU. You can't get a handle on their offense when eight different guys are touching the ball on offense. I'm very surprised right now. Ginn going out is a huge loss.

Curtis: I'm amazed that Smith has been able to do nothing. I think they have to open the offense up more. Throw the ball down field.

Florida just scored to go up 21-7 with another new formation. They're up 14 just seconds into the second quarter. Florida had nine first downs in the first quarter. So much for that vaunted Buckeyes defense.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 09:14 PM on January 08, 2007

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