Mr. Smith and Mr. Russell

By Adam Caparell - February 23, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS - Two of the biggest names in college football held court back-to-back moments ago as Troy Smith and JaMarcus Russell met the media.

Smith, the Heisman winner, said he would only thow at the Combin on Sunday and is blatantly getting tired of answering all the questions surrounding what he needs to do to prove himself to NFL execs and coaches.

Smith isn't going to run because he hasn't really been able to train all that much. He's been traveling the award banquet circuit, picking up all the trophies he earned from last season.

So he's saving himself for Ohio State pro day March 10. That's when he'll do everything for the NFL scouts.

But he'd rather be on the golf course.

Smith was asked if he had control of things would he rather be picked in the first round or be selected by his hometown Cleveland Browns. He caught everyone off guard.

"If I could control anything I would probably play golf," Smith said. "Golf is where it's at right now."

Everyone surrounded the podium for Russell basically right after Smith was done talking. He officially came in as 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds, about eight pounds above his ideal playing weight. And he once again hammered home the fact that he's not a man of many words. Despite his huge frame he's very soft spoken and he seems hard pressed to elaborate on anything. It took him more than five minutes to give a multiple sentence answer.

And if there's one thing about Russell that you notice from looking at the guy - other than his gigantic size - are his huge hands. His fingers are absolutely enormous. His hands look so big that I wouldn't be surprised if he could palm a football helmet.

Russell isn't working out at the Combine - agent's decision - and there's no reason for him to. He's going to be the No. 1 pick unless something unexpected happens. He'll do it all for the scouts March 14 at LSU pro day.

Interestingly, when Russell applied to the league to find out his draft prospects all he was told was that he was a first round pick. Safe to say the league was being cautious with it's estimate.

Now it's just a waiting game for Brady Quinn to come out. I can only imagine the circus that's going to be when he enters the media room.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 01:27 PM on February 23, 2007

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