Signing Day Changeup?

By Adam Caparell - February 06, 2007

College football is far from a perfect game and that means the annual post-bowl, mid-winter rule tweaking season should be getting underway shortly. Case in point…

It looks as if several Division I Football Issues Committee members will be chosen by the NCAA to take a look at a few different topics. Topics up for possible discussion include non-scholastic camps and clinics, coaches making on campus contact in the spring with prospective student-athletes and with those who have already signed a National Letter of Intent, and the possible establishment of an early signing date.

The idea of implementing an earlier signing day is the most intriguing aspect of the potential rules changes.

Basketball has two signing dates, an early period and a late period. Football is generally confined to one day, but can basically extend as far as April. But Signing Day has become a huge deal around the country in the last several years. With the recruiting services and rankings gaining in popularity and more and more media attention on college football every year, the first Wednesday of February is one of the most talked about and anticipated days on the calendar.

But changing the format of Signing Day might not sit well with many, especially the stalwarts of the game.

The general reasoning (at least in theory) behind why there’s only one signing period in football is that the big time power conference teams are able to pressure recruits into making a more definitive decision up against a deadline rather than having recruits hold out for the later signing period. Then recruits could pontentially land that offer from another team they'd been sercetly holding out for all along. The big time schools don’t want to lose their leverage and bargaining power over the recruits. They don't the increased competition that would come with another Signing Period.

On the other hand, some feel having an earlier signing period, while keeping the later one as well, would eliminate a lot of the cheating and dishonesty that is associated with recruiting. Either way, there’s no easy, simple solution to making the proceedings surrounding Signing Day any easier, less complicated or more ethical for that matter.

But stayed tuned to see if the changes are made. And also be on the lookout tomorrow for our coverage of National Signing Day on CSTV and

CSTV recruiting expert Tom Lemming, CSTV football analyst Trev Alberts as well as former college coaches John Bunting and John L. Smith will be breaking down all the happenings on the TV as well as chatting throughout the day on

The Red Zone will be right there in studio bringing you a little news, notes and insight from National Signing Day. So if you have a few questions, want something specific answered, want to make sure we cover something or talk about it more, let me know.

At Least The BCS Serves Some Purpose

The BCS is doing wonders for Boise State. The school has seen a 135 percent increase in online inquiries for admissions and a considerable increase in grad school applications since the Broncos Fiesta Bowl triumph over Oklahoma Jan. 1. Applications to Boise’s graduate programs have increased from roughly four per day to as many as 40 a day.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 03:56 PM on February 06, 2007

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