Wrong Answer

By Adam Caparell - February 23, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS - Tongue in cheek won't get your very far at the Combine. Just ask former Ohio State offensive lineman Doug Datish after his horrible episode Thursday.

Datish was underdoing medical evaluations when he was asked by a team if he ever had a stiff back.

"Yeah," he joked. "Who doesn't?"

Wrong answer.

Datish was promptly put through two extra MRI exams and when it was all said and done he spent about six hours being put through litany of tests the NFL teams had in store for him.

Thursday wasn't fun for Datish.

Levi Brown, the former Penn State offensive lineman went through the tests as well. He knew what to expect from talking with other players who went through the Combine last year.

"Everybody was pulling on everything, from my toes to checking out my teeth," Brown said. "I was ready for it."

Fortunately, they didn't find anything wrong with Brown.

Brown would like run a 5/5.1 40 and hopefully put up about 30 reps in the 225-pound bench press.

And be brings a lot more to the table than just his blocking ability.

"I'm a lovable guy," Brown said. "I like to joke around and I'm sure I look better than anybody on the team already."

The action is fast and furious here. Lovie Smith, Tom Coughlin, Jack Del Rio have already spoken and now Rob Marinelli is at the podium answering questions. Tony Dungy, Herm Edwards and Eric Mangini are due up shortly.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 11:58 AM on February 23, 2007

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