NFL Draft: Die Hards Only

By Adam Caparell - April 29, 2007

NEW YORK - We've entered the seventh and final round here at Radio City Music Hall and the countdown to Mr. Irrelevant - the 255th and last pick of the draft - is only a matter of hours away. Several bloggers around me are already making bets as to who will get the honor of being the 2007 honoree.

The crowd, and media contingent, as gotten sparser and sparser as the day has gone on. There's a pocket of loud and boisterous fans behind the media section, hooting and hollering with every pick, regardless of who the selection is. But to speak in general terms, there's very little life in the building right now. I think everyone is ready to wrap things up. And no one wants to be done with this more than Mel Kiper I imagine. He's been on TV - as far as I know - the entire time ESPN has been broadcasting. I have no idea how he's able to do it.

We're also getting toward the time of the draft where the names are becoming a little less reconizable. Only the truest and most ardent college football fan and draf expert knows all these guys. The fans certainly don't. Despite the random cheers and shouts when the picks are announced over the P.A. system, you can sense more than a hint of sarcasm as they echo throughout the theater. There have been a few good lines.

When Dallas picked Arizona kicker Nick Folk at No. 178, some boisterous fan shouted, "Mason (Crosby) got robbed."

A brief "R-U, R-U" chant rang out when guard Cam Stephenson was picked by Pittsburgh at No. 156.

Interesting pick by the Seahawks, taking Jordan Kent with the final pick of the sixth round. Kent is the multi-talented Oregon WR who finally decided to give football a shot. If there's one thing about Kent, it's that he's got plenty of speed.

Still out there are Darius Walker and Rhema McKnight of Notre Dame. Ben Patrick of Delaware finally was picked, No. 215 by the Cardinals.

The sixth round was a brisk 1 hour 38 minutes and the draft has now encompassed 16-plus hours so far.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 04:13 PM on April 29, 2007

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