NFL Draft: It's Definitely Not Saturday

By Adam Caparell - April 29, 2007

NEW YORk - Day 2 at Radio City Music Hall is a much different scene than Day 1, as you can imagine. For starters, there's roughly a third of the people here to kick off Sunday than there was at the beginning of Saturday. And it's a decidedly toned down atmosphere compared to the buzz running through the building early yesterday as we're well into the fifth round now. It's a sleepy Sunday at the NFL Draft.

The upper tiers of the theater feature plenty of open seats, something that was scarcely found when the Raiders were officially put on the clock at roughly 12:15 pm ET yesterday.

And there's a decided drop in the amount of media here, as well. The real die-hards, like start up sites that are soley dedicated to predicting, covering and analyzing the draft - which I happen to be surrounded by - are well represented. But the mass amount of media that was here Saturday is long gone. Most of them bolted at some point in the second round - especially since

Thankfully Day 2 is going a hell of a lot faster than Day 1. With five minutes between picks, that helps, as opposed to 15 minutes between picks in the first round and 10 minutes between them in the second. It took nine hours for the first two rounds and everyone can't stress enough how agonizing it was. Even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell threw in his own two cents about the length. And needless to say he wasn't a fan.

No NFL players are to be found Sunday. Saturday featured the likes of Mario Williams, Michael Strahan and Rex Grossman making appearances, but that's not going to be the case today.

Both ESPN and the NFL Network are continuing their non-stop coverage, but the B-team is out in full force with Suzy Kolber taking over hosting duties for Chris Berman.

They've even stopped announcing the picks at the podium, chosing to call out who's been selected over the P.A. system.

Names still out there to be had: Troy Smith, Mason Crosby, Darius Walker, Rufus Alexander and Ben Patrick.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 12:51 PM on April 29, 2007

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