NFL Draft: Still No Pick For Quinn

By Adam Caparell - April 28, 2007

NEW YORK - Everyone is still waiting word on where Brady Quinn will go as the Notre Dame QB has slipped into a range that almost no one foresaw when predicting this draft.

It's almost becoming comical at this point. Here's a guy who had No. 1 overall talent and he's fallen all the way into the 20s. The rumors surrounding Quinn are that Cleveland might try and move up to snatch the signal caller. But with the way the rest of the first round is stacking up, there are only a few spots Quinn can logically go - unless some team pulls an unexpected move.

Quinn could go to the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 23, espeically if Trent Green is no longer in their immediate future. Baltimore isn't going to have Steve McNair forever and could look to tab Quinn as their QB for the future. And then there's Chicago. Every Bears fans would love to Quinn as their QB for the future and relegate Rex Grossman to the bench. But Lovie Smith has been very loyal to Grossman, but Quinn will be a much better QB than Grossman ever will be.

It's stunning to see the leading Heisman Trophy candidate at the beginning of the season drop down as far as he has and it doesn't figure to end anytime soon.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 03:40 PM on April 28, 2007

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