And You Thought Duke Was Smart

By Adam Caparell - May 21, 2007

The Atlanta Sports Council has broached the idea of having Duke play its game against Alabama in 2010 in the Georgia Dome. The experience of playing in an NFL stadium is one thing, but why would the Blue Devils even think about losing a home game against the Crimson Tide when they need all the support they can get?

Duke, one of the perennially worst programs in the game and by far the worst program in the ACC, averaged a measly 19,580 fans per game (more on attendance figures below), good for 91st in the nation.

They can't even draw at home, so why would the Blue Devils play hours upon hours away from Durham where they'll play a home game essentially as a visitor. Think about it. You know the 'Bama fans would snatch up those tickets in a heartbeat once they go on sale and leave, oh roughly, say a few thousand Duke supporters drowned out during the game. The Georgia Dome sits 71,250. So does an over/under on Blue Devils fans in the building that day of about 5,000 sound right? Is an O/U on false starts by the Blue Devils at 3 too low?

No Surprise Here: The SEC led all conferences in home attendance with roughly 6.5 million attending games in 2006. The league also had five of the Top 10 individual school attendance averages with Tennessee predictably leading the way with an average of 105,789 per game in Neyland Stadium. The conference averaged 75,706 per game.

Georgia was second in the conference with 92,746 per (5th in the nation. LSU was third in the SEC with 92,212 per (6th in the nation) followed by Alabama (92,138 7th), South Carolina (91,480, 8th) and Florida (90,409, No. 9). Auburn came in at No. 11 (85,063).

Michigan once again had the nation's top average attendance, bringing in 110,026 fans a game to The Big House. Penn State was second with 107,567.

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Posted by Adam Caparell at 05:42 PM on May 21, 2007
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Duke wouldn't play that game in the Georgia Dome for fun, they'd be doing it for the extra money. Maybe they are smart after all.

money is why.

not so long ago, duke moved its home games with florida state to jacksville. sure, the stadium was full of fsu fans, but the duke brass when home with a rear-end kicking and pockets loaded with money.

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