Canes Blown Away By Bradford

By Adam Caparell - September 08, 2007

Sam Bradford for Heisman? The Sooners quarterback just got done leading Oklahoma to another huge win, this week over Miami and that Hurricanes defense that was taken to the woodshed.

In two games, Bradford, a redshirt freshman, has thrown for 568 yards, 8 TDs and no INTs. Introductions to college football aren't supposed to be this easy, but Bradford is completing 83 percent of his passes and owns a 238 passer rating.

Oklahoma looks great two weeks into the season. Offensively they just can't be stopped and defensively they're giving up just 11.5 points per game. We'll see if Bradford comes back to earth anytime soon, but the Sooners should continue to cruise with Utah State, Tulsa and Colorado on the schedule before that showdown with the Longhorns at the State Fair Oct. 6.

The Canes looked bad. They only put up 139 yards on offense and Kirby Freeman did absolutely nothing. I think we could very well be seeing Kyle Wright starting against FIU next week.

Nebraska-Wake Forest
Nebraska certainly aired the ball out this week as Sam Keller threw it 41 times. The running game wasn't as effective as Week 1, but honestly, the Cornhuskers wanted to show as balanced attack as possible with USC coming up next week. They may say otherwise, but don't believe them.

Stupid decision by Callahan to go for it on fourth down with less than 1:30 remaining and right around the Wake 35. Punt the ball and pin the Demon Deacons. He was fortunate it didn't come back to haunt him after that no-call pass interference on fourth down for Wake Forest - a good no call. The ball was out of reach.

The Zebras
Speaking of refereeing, it continues to be absolutely awful. I know these aren't NFL refs were working with here, but can we have some sort of consistency around the country? Bad calls were all over the fourth quarter in the Nebraska-Wake Forest game and they are guaranteed to prop up the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 04:04 PM on September 08, 2007
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Bradford's QB rating is 207 not 238 and Miami had 139 yards in total offense, not 190. Where are you getting your stats?

Opps. Sorry about the earlier comment regarding Bradford's QB rating. You were right. They did only give up 139 yards to Miami though.

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