Spygate, College Edition?

By Adam Caparell - September 18, 2007

Everyone knows that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots were punished over the now notorious Spygate incident that transpired during Week 1 of the NFL season. But could something like that heppen in the college game?

It's a possibility, conceded Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, but it's something he highly doubts we'll ever see.

"I'm sure it could happen. I've never worried too much about it," Tressell said, who has spent all of his coaching career in the college game.

"Some of our offensive guys get nervous about it. I've just never thought that would be an issue," Tressel said. "In my mind, the people we've played against I've never had a feeling they would take part in that.

"You still have to execute. Plus we only have three plays so they'd probably know what we're running anyway," Tressel joked.

During the Buckeyes second game of the season it may have seemed like Akron was stealing some of the Buckeyes signs considering how poorly the offense played. Ohio State managed just 20 points against the MAC school, committed five turnovers while quarterback Todd Boeckman was just 14-of-23 for 131 yards, throwing a pair of picks.

But Boeckman and the Buckeyes quieted some of their critics with their impressive victory over Washington last weekend. Boeckman was 14-of-25 throwing for 218 yards and two scores - and more importantly for Tressel, no interceptions. He was good, not great, according to Tressel, in Week 3, but he still has a ways to go and would love to have that second start against Akron back.

It hasn't been a good year for the Big Ten in non-conference play with several teams have been picked off by non-BCS schools. There was the monumental upset by Appalachian State over Michigan, FAU and Bowling Green beat Minnesota while others, like Wisconsin, haven't exactly been spectacular against lesser competition casting a negative shadow on the conference.

"The thing that's become more and more evident, and hopefully people are getting a handle on, is how good teams are," Tressel said. "It means a lot for someone to play a Big Ten team. People are good. You need to know that anybody can beat you.

"Nothing should amaze you in the game the football. It's a game of emotion, attitude and execution and you better have them all in place or you're going to get beat."

Posted by Adam Caparell at 05:09 PM on September 18, 2007

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