The Wrapup - Week 1

By Adam Caparell - September 02, 2007

Week 1 of the college football season is usually forgettable thanks to all the blowouts and otherwise boring games that flood the schedule. This year, however, it was anything but thanks to one team from Boone, N.C. that pulled off an upset for the ages.

We're talking, of course, about Michigan's stunning, mind-boggling, unbelievable, unlikely and improbable loss to Appalachian State, a Division I-AA team.

Falling 34-32, the Wolverines suffered the indignity of becoming the first ranked team to fall to a I-AA team (officially referred to as the FCS because they have an image problem).

Now granted, Appalachian State is no pushover I-AA team. They're the reigning FCS champions and clearly showed they have some talent on their roster, talent that maybe, quite possibly, should be playing at the I-A level.

Maybe the most amazing thing about the win Saturday was how speedy Appalachian State looked. They ran right by Michigan's defense that showed its inexperience and talent deficiencies after losing so many great players off of last year's unit - one of the best in the nation. Everyone knew Michigan had big holes to fill on defense heading into the season, we knew it'd be tough for them to replace the likes of David Harris, Alan Branch, LaMarr Woodley and Leon Hall. Little did we know it would cost them so early and so shockingly.

We saw history today, history that may not be repeated for a very long time. But let's also remember one thing here: you can't put too much stock into what we saw on the field Saturday. Sure you saw what teams are capable of, but you also saw where they need big improvements and literally how rusty/out of sync they can be (preseason games, anyone?). Granted, some teams looked great (Georgia Tech, West Virginia), while several others looked bad (Notre Dame) or mediocre at best (Virginia Tech). Teams make the biggest strides between Weeks 1 and 2 so a lot of the poor execution we saw Saturday should be cleaned up.

But for the most part, we saw the big boys of the BCS take care of business in a big way. West Virginia, Florida, Oklahoma, Penn State, Nebraska, UCLA, TCU and Arkansas were all easy winners.

Funny how you would have figured Michigan would be included on that list before the games kicked off.

Quick Hits: I hate it when coaches go for the two point conversion in the third quarter. They almost always end up leaving points on the board because they fail to convert and must chase those lost point the rest of the game. That's what happened to Michigan today after the Wolverines missed a couple of two point conversion tries. Of course, they lost by two.

You see it in the college game and you see it in the NFL; coaches leave points on the board, panicking thinking they have to go for two way earlier than necessary. Carr panicked a little and it cost his team. Now it's obviously not the reason the Wolverines lost, but it certainly didn't help them out any.

-- Nice job by the Georgia defense. They held a very good Oklahoma State offense to just 266 yards of total offense, 70 yards rushing and 196 through the air. The Cowboys are one of the most balanced offenses in the country and the Bulldogs took it to them. It was a stern test for those eight first time starters on defense and they passed with flying colors.

-- Great game between Tennessee and Cal. This was not a defensive battle by any measure, but it didn't figure to be heading in. The Vols got thumped pretty good as that Bears offense put up a nice showing. I'd say they avenged that loss last year in Knoxville.

Biggest Winners: Cal, DeSean Jackson's Heisman hopes, UCF beating NC State and of course Appalachian State, who not only beat Michigan, but also walked away with a nice $400,000 check for their participation Saturday. That parties in Boone.

Biggest Losers: Michigan.

What Sunday's Top 10 Should Look Like:
1. USC
2. LSU
3. West Virgina
4. Texas
5. Florida
6. Wisconsin
7. Oklahoma
8. Cal
9. Virginia Tech
10. Louisville

I'm very interested to see how the voters reward Cal and how they penalize Michigan. Just a guess, but I think we'll see Michigan wind up around 20-22. They're going to get severely punished by the voters for the loss, but the idea of them falling out of the polls entirely just doesn't seem plausible.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 01:49 AM on September 02, 2007
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Both Texas and Va Teck stunk against far inferior opponents this weekend. Ohio State would have handled either one without difficulty.

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