The Wrapup - Week 2

By Adam Caparell - September 09, 2007

Big time surprises along the lines of last week were not to be found Saturday, but Week 2 of the college football season certainly was revealing.

Here's what we learned: Michigan is probably the most overrated team in the history of preseason polls and LSU is an absolute beast.

The Tigers thoroughly dominated Virginia Tech like you wouldn't believe in their No. 2 vs. No. 9 matchup in Death Valley. It figured to be a defensive struggle, pitting two of the best units in the nation against each other, but it turned out to be anything but. LSU made the Hokies look like a bunch of turkeys as their defense was too much for Tech and Frank Beamer's D couldn't stop the Tigers on offense.

Sean Glennon was so bad he was benched in favor of super freshman Tyrod Taylor, but it didn't matter. Tech had lost the game by the time the first quarter ended, well before Beamer made his change. He made that change because Glennon made bad decisions and poor passes time and time again. Tech's offensive line was once again unable to protect the quarterback - or get any semblance of a running game going - and it was just an utter disaster to watch. That vaunted Tech defense was shredded by Matt Flynn and company - we even had several Ryan Perrilloux sightings in Death Valley, including two that ended in touchdowns.

Now, was this game a coronation of LSU or an indictment of Virginia Tech? I think it's safe to say both. Virginia Tech, for the second straight week, was pretty much inept offensively and failed to stop the superior Tigers, the painfully obvious superior Tigers. LSU looked great with the ball and breathtakingly fast/ dominating on defense. They've got it all right now, and no one else looks to be in their league - except for maybe USC. We'll get a chance to see the Trojans play somebody next weekend when they travel to Nebraska. But no one has looked as ridiculously good as LSU so far - they've allowed just seven points in their first two games and have scored a combined 93 points.

I think it's safe to say LSU will pick up some more first place votes after this performance and close that gap with the Trojans in the polls a little.

If you're an impartial observer of college football you have to be rooting for USC-LSU national championship game. Aside from the off-season bickering and unabashed hatred of all things Trojan by Tigers fans, the two best defenses in the country reside in Los Angeles and Baton Rouge and to argue that there is a team more talented than those two is a waste of breath.

Now, as for Michigan - just what do we make of the Wolverines? Well, even though I thought they would win Saturday, thinking they would show some pride and come away with a win at home, what we saw was another case of a spread-option offense absolutely abusing the Michigan defense - they're woefully unable to stop any team with even the slightest amount of speed. LaMarr Woodley, Leon Hall, Alan Branch, David Harris - where have you gone?

Dennis Dixon was absolutely spectacular and to add injury on top of insult, Chad Henne did not play in the second half of the game due to a lower leg injury. Michigan has had a history of problems facing mobile quarterbacks - the list goes on and on and one from Vince Young to Troy Smith to Appalachian State's Armanti Edwards last week - and another burned them big time Saturday as they allowed the second most yards in school history (624 to be exact).

This was Michigan's fourth straight defeat dating back to last year and never has there been a lower point in the Lloyd Carr era. The calls for his head, if they weren’t already loud this past week, could become deafening around Ann Arbor these next few days.

Embarrassing doesn't even begin to describe the state of Michigan football right now. Yes, they're still players for the Rose Bowl, and you'll hear plenty of Rose Bowl talk out of Carr and his players. But that's only because the Wolverines haven't played a conference game yet. That comes at the end of September when Penn State visits. But why should Wolverine fans get their hopes up - how are they going to catch up with those Penn State receivers?

Quick Hits

-- Washington is a much better team than I expected this early in the season. I actually thought they’d have a tough time against Syracuse. So much for that. And I did not expect this kind of win over Boise State. It looks like Ty Willingham has one heck of a quarterback on his hands - Jake Locker is only a sophomore and he’s a double threat with his arm and legs. He's going to be a good one and it looks like Willingham can get this thing turned around a lot quicker than I would have guessed.

It was a bad loss for Boise State today. Still trying to prove themselves as a legitimate threat to the bigs of the BCS, the Huskies had a convincing victory. Looks like the BCS dream for Boise has already burst. But they're not alone - TCU lost its "Show Me" game to Texas.

-- South Carolina showed you something going down to Athens and beating Georgia, especially on that final drive. Sure it stalled out with that bad reverse call on third down, but Steve Spurrier did not get burned in the end. His defense showed up big time Saturday evening.

Granted, Georgia did not help themselves because Matthew Stafford threw some horrible balls, I mean absolutely horrible balls - maybe none worse than the ones he unleashed on the second to last drive.

-- An how about South Florida? What a huge win. Jim Leavitt made the right decision it turned out not to go for the win on the doorstep of the Tigers endzone late in the fourth and kick the game-tying field goal. If it wasn't for 12 points being left on the board thanks to four missed field goals, the Bulls would have won it in regulation. But the Bulls persevered and just won the biggest game in the history of the program.

Matt Grothe got destroyed all game, hammered on what seemed like every other play, but he played huge. He's one of those guys flying well under the radar, but plays so much bigger than his stature or class standing - he's only a sophomore, but he's very, very good. He's such a threat to run the ball and he's not bad at throwing it either. He's fun to watch. So is Leavitt. And the Bulls once again have a pretty good defense. Those matchups with West Virginia, Louisville and Rutgers later on this year are going to be a lot of fun.

Biggest Winners: LSU, Oregon, South Carolina, USF

Biggest Losers: Michigan, BCS Busters (Boise, TCU), ACC

Player of the Day: Dennis Dixon. Tough to top this stat line: 16-of-25, 292 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INT, 76 yards rushing, 1 TD.

Quote of the Day
"You don't know me, but those who do know me - friend and foe - I think would agree that I'm a tough-minded, competitive guy, and there isn't anything that comes my way that I can't handle professionally. There is nothing - there is nothing - that can keep me down. Not a loss to Appalachian State. Not a loss to Oregon. Not 100 losses. And not the loss of my job. I think the same thing can be said for our team here, and for the guys who play football here at Michigan." - a defiant and determined Lloyd Carr after Michigan's 39-7 loss to Oregon.

Stat of the Day: 0 - the number of times Michigan and Notre Dame have both been 0-2 to start a season. One of them will be 0-3 after next week since the Irish trek to Ann Arbor.

The 10 Best Teams In The Nation
1. USC
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida
5. West Virginia
6. Cal
7. Wisconsin
8. Texas
9. Louisville
10. UCLA

Posted by Adam Caparell at 02:18 AM on September 09, 2007
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What did Nebraska and ASU do. Win Win

Dixon may be the player of the day in some minds, but Sam Bradford of Oklahoma was named the Camp national player of the week. Only 19 of 25 with 5 TD's and 205 yards against Miami, and now after two games, he's 39 of 47 with 8 TD's and NO, count 'em, NO picks. Please keep ignoring OU as a team and incessantly praising USC and LSU, because the Sooners are for real and they WILL have the last word.

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