Bobby's Not Going Anywhere Cheap

By Adam Caparell - December 13, 2007

As the nuts in Arkansas felt so inclined they got a hold of Bobby Petrino's contract the he just barely finished signing a couple of days ago. And the contract has a few interesting provisions.

For starters, it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise that members of the Arkansas media immediately filed a request to look at a copy of the contract through a Freedom of Information Act request. After all, we are talking about Arkansas where former Razorbacks coach Houston Nutt's cell phone record was acquired via the same method last spring and how can we forget that embarrassing episode.

But as for Petrino, his contract has a no-compete clause in it that requires a $2.85 million buyout if he wants to leave. And based on Petrino's track record, that's a smart move on the Razorbacks part considering he's had enough jobs the past 24 years to fill up the resumes of four.

In that no-compete clause, Petrino can not accept a position at another SEC West school if he leaves Arkansas. And we all know that's a when, not an if, proposition with Petrino. Arkansas claims the clause had nothing to do with Nutt bolting Fayetteville Nov. 26 for the seemingly greener pastures of Oxford and Ole Miss. Who are they kidding?

Petrino signed a five year deal with the Razorbacks, but it's unfathomable that Petrino would fulfill the contract considering the longest he spent at one job was his four years at Louisville. He's a guy who has always loved to be courted and there were numerous times when he nearly left Louisville, only to back off and state his loyalty and allegiance. But for the time being he's saying all the right things. Of course, he just started the honeymoon.

"I want to make this my home," Petrino said at his Tuesday night press conference. "I think there is a great opportunity to achieve everything I want to as a head football coach in college and that is to win a national championship."

And Petrino also gets few other perks including a football skybox with 12 seats. He also gets two automobiles for personal use, moving expenses "in accordance with University policy and state law" and a Fayetteville Country Club membership paid for by the university.

Let's hope Arkansas was smart and leased the cars. Because the next coach is going want his a different set of wheels and knowing Petrino...

Posted by Adam Caparell at 05:11 PM on December 13, 2007

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