Flutie's 2-Cents

By Adam Caparell - December 04, 2007

NEW YORK - So who did Doug Flutie vote as his 2007 Heisman Trophy winner? The 1984 winner won't say, but he seemed like he had no qualms about voting for Tim Tebow or Darren McFadden or a few other candidates, however unlikely it now seems that anyone not named Tebow or McFadden would win the award.

"Sophomore has nothing to do with it," Flutie said Tuesday at the NFF and College Football Hall of Fame induction press conference when asked about Tebow's class standing hurting his Heisman chances (no underclassman has ever won the award). "Tim would be very deserving."

But he isn't the only one.

"Darren McFadden would be very deserving," Flutie continued, "Colt Brennan would be very deserving. Dennis Dixon. There was no true front-runner. There were at different times it appeared, but if you look back at the body of work over the course of the season your guess is as good as mine as to who will win it."

Flutie can't remember a more wide open race in the 22 years he's been a Heisman voter.

"It is as wide open as I've ever seen. The one guy who had a chance to pull away is right over there," Flutie said, pointing to Dixon who was also in attendance to accept an award as one of 15 National Scholar Athletes.

Then Flutie weight all the big names being mentioned as Heisman worthy.

"Tebow what he did carrying his team on his back. The job Chase Daniel did out in Missouri carrying his team. Darren McFadden maybe the most phenomenal athlete in college football. Matt Ryan getting his team to the No. 2 status and having the kind of year Matty had. Shoot, Todd Reesing in Kansas.

"There's really no clear cut favorite. I really don't know and I think it speaks to the parity of college football."

Flutie thinks his fellow Boston College quarterback truly deserves to be in the mix for the award.

"But I know on a national scale its going to be tough for him (to get to New York)," Flutie said.

But Ryan can hang his hat on this: Flutie thinks the senior could be the best pro prospect at quarterback, along with Louisville's Brian Brohm, set to enter this year's NFL Draft.

"I think Matt at 6-foot-5, you look at him move around on the field and you think he's 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-3, but if you stand next to him he's every bit of 6-foot-5," Flutie said. "And they are going to love him."

Posted by Adam Caparell at 03:05 PM on December 04, 2007
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Flutie is an awesome analyst and, in consideration how tough peolpe were on his size, his comments on Matt Ryan's size being such an asset in the NFL is remarkable. No bitterness. Flutie for President

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