Tebow's Ballot

By Adam Caparell - December 07, 2007

NEW YORK - If Tim Tebow had a vote for the Heisman, he wouldn't vote for any of the four finalist up for this year's award. He'd cast his vote for one of his own.

The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner would be, in Tebow's mind, Percy Harvin, his go to receiver on the Gators.

"He's probably the most dynamic player in college football," Tebow said Friday from a Hilton suite, high above Sixth Ave. in Midtown Manhattan. "With injuries and all the other different things he's had he doesn't get to show that or sometimes with the way people play. But when he gets those opportunities, when they put man coverage on him, he's nasty with it and makes people look really bad."

Harvin's stats don't live up to any of the four finalists - he finished with just three receiving TDs and five rushing TDs - but Tebow may have unofficially started the sophomore wide outs 2008 campaign.

As for Tebow himself, the argument that an underclassman shouldn't win the Heisman is something he

"It doesn't matter what year you are," Tebow said.

Tebow looks poised to become the third Florida quarterback to win the award after Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel. But for all the gaudy stats Tebow has produced this season, he'd like his Heisman legacy to be more than just yards and touchdowns, much like Wuerffel.

"Tha'll last a lot longer than 20-20 or something like that," Tebow said. "You want to be remembered for the way you won it. Everyone remembers Danny putting his hands together and praying, with the utmost integrity."

Considering the high regard Tebow holds for Wuerffel, he'd love nothing more than to follow the 1996 winner's footsteps.

And if he does win tomorrow, Tebow can cast that ballot for Harvin for real next year.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 05:56 PM on December 07, 2007
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Colt Brennan - 131 touchdown passes, 23 NCAA records, led the only undefeated team in America. Who else can say that?.... Nobody. How can he not win the Heisman? If you are skeptical, I challenge you to watch last week's Hawaii vs. Washington. Colt is amazing!

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