Time For A Change

By Adam Caparell - January 08, 2008

The 2007 season is over, Ohio State yet again was pounded in the BCS Championship Game and an SEC emerged as the dominant national champ. Nothing seems to change. But if there's something that needs to be altered in college football for next season - and we know there's a laundry list of things - we should start by moving the championship game to a different day.

As if holding the BCS Championship game nearly a week after New Year's Day isn't egregious enough, it's borderline lunacy that Fox is airing the title game the day after Wild Card Weekend in the NFL.

With most of the nation's sporting attention turned to the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, the buildup to the championship game takes a big hit and that should never be the case for the title game of one of the country's top sports. Obviously Fox can use its NFL platform to promote the game, but all weekend long most of the attention was turned to Seahawks-Redskins, Steelers-Jaguars, Giants-Bucs and Chargers-Titans with Buckeyes-Tigers very much on the backburner.

By the time Monday finally rolled around, most of the talk on radio and television, around the office and the sports world, revolved around recapping what just went on over the weekend in the NFL. We didn't hear as much talk as you would expect for a championship game.

Maybe this is just East Coast bias rearing its ugly head, but I think Fox and the powers that be would be wise to move the game after the Orange Bowl - if you're using this year as an example. Obviously a lot depends on what day of the week New Year's falls, but having the BCS Championship on Friday this year would have been perfect. The BCS bowls would promote the championship game and the buildup toward the game would not have been overshadowed by the NFL playoffs.

College football is a cash cow and the decision to have the championship game on a Monday certainly makes some economic sense for the networks - Monday night, people aren't out and about, glued to their television set which should translate into big ratings and bigger ad rates for next year's game - otherwise they wouldn't continue to air it on that day. But in the interest of promoting the sport, in the interest of building up its marquee event, in the interest of giving it the big game feel it deserves, move it to another day. Can anyone honestly say they felt like the buildup to Monday's game made it feel like a big time event?

The numbers back me up. The ratings for Monday night showed viewership was down 17 percent from last season.

The NFL takes two weeks off between it's championship weekend and the Super Bowl and promotes its biggest game of the year to ridiculous proportions. I'm not saying college football should go that route, but they can certainly do better than burying the season's top game off of a weekend where it far too easily gets put on the backburner.

Think about it. A change makes plenty of sense.

Bowl Season: 12-20 ATS | 19-12-1 O/U. Finish strong with the BCS Championship Game pegged correctly. Not a bad showing in the end with the O/U.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 02:13 PM on January 08, 2008

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