He's Fine With No. 5

By Adam Caparell - April 26, 2008

NEW YORK - Glenn Dorsey made no bones about wanting to be the No. 1 pick in the draft. And mid-way through his senior season at LSU, plenty of people had the Tigers tackle pegged as the top player. But Dorsey had to settle for the No. 5 selection Saturday and he's more than fine with it.

"Fifth is great," Dorsey said. "I don't how everybody else feels about it. But I'm just like all the other players. You feel like you came up here for a reason."

Dorsey said he relied heavily on his family for direction throughout the entire draft process and his family was happy with where he ended up. They wouldn't have minded New Orleans trading up from the No. 10 spot to take the hometown hero - Dorsey grew up outside the city as a Saints fan - but the Dorsey clan is pleased he'll be in KC.

"No one really knows until it happens," Dorsey said about the possibility of going to New Orleans. "But those were just rumors. You just have to stay on an even keel and just chill until your name is called.

"I'm very excited," he added. "I feel like Kansas City is a great place and I've heard a lot about the fans and the stadium. I come from LSU where the fans were wild also so I'm looking forward for the opportunity to play."

Posted by Adam Caparell at 04:57 PM on April 26, 2008

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