Big East: Afternoon delight

By Barry Loudis - May 24, 2006

Titles can be deceiving and this one may be no different. USF vs. St. John's was not a TOTAL snoozer, but it may have something to do with the sun.

Apparently the enthusiastic USF crowd from last nights game didn't get the memo that their team was playing today at Bright House Networks Field. Granted, there were a few great fans that came out for this afternoon's matchup of four and six-seeded teams, but the park was pretty easy going. The sun was out and the famous Florida humidity apparently decided to take a day off leaving a very pleasant day at the ballpark. I am probably being too harsh here and for that I apologize, I just got used to the chants of "U-S-F!"

Both teams have played a pretty solid game so far (currently in the top of the ninth), St. Johns had a great second inning scoring all of their runs (6) in quick fashion. This after falling behind in the first frame 0-2. Now since then, the Bulls have closed the lead leaving the score 6-4. Certainly still a shot for this USF team to take their last at bat and leave their mark.

But back to the crowd. I wish there would have been more people to see the video that the crew here played on the video board during a St. John's pitching conference on the mound. It was the scene from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy where the Channel 4 News Team is in Ron's (Will Farrell) discussing the wonderful state of love. Naturally, like all news teams (and baseball teams) of the 1970's did, they broke out into an a capella version of "Afternoon Delight." So, as the pitcher is (as I would assume) getting talked up or chewed out by his coach, "more cowbell" himself is busting out his affection for Veronica Corningstone. Great placement that I wish more people had been here to see. That is not to say that the crowd is tiny, there are a few hundered enjoying the game, but I don't think that enough people could ever experience that situation. Good times in Florida for sure.

Speaking of good times, Florida is the capitol for Hooters Restaurants, Outback Steakhouses and flamingos. The first two I have seen plenty of. I think that it is a zoning requirement that both of the establishments be constructed every five miles. Certainly not a bad move on the zoning commissions part. Flamingos are a bit harder to come by, I have not seen any of the pink (traditionally) birds as of yet but will keep you posted if a flock/gaggle/whatever appear in left field.

Posted by Barry Loudis at 03:31 PM on May 24, 2006

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