Big East: Knights turn out the lights on the Huskies

By Barry Loudis - May 25, 2006

As we get past the cheezy rhyme, six-seed Rutgers has managed to elimintate the UConn Huskies from the Big East tournament with their win this afternoon. Final score was 9-5.

I mentioned to someone in the media area today that the Rutgers fans travel quite well, and they do. Granted, it is primarily parents and a few significant others that made the trip from East Rutherford, it still says a lot about their program and more importantly has the potential to be in the right state of mind to win.

Even in the ninth inning when pitcher Matt Giannini exited the field to make room for the closer, there were more than 100 fans on their feet cheering him to his seat in the dugout. You can't really estimate how much this does for the mentality of your team. Not only has their pitcher thrown a great game, as Giannini did, but the players on the field know that the fans could (and probably will) give them the same ovation when they bring home the victory. Just a cheezy thought I know, but you really cannot underestimate the motivation a group of fans can bring you on the field.

I have pretty big hopes for this Rutgers team after their strong showing today. They will face Louisville at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Energy is the name of the game and if this Rutgers team brings it tomorrow, they certianly have a great shot of surprising the Cardinals.

Posted by Barry Loudis at 06:24 PM on May 25, 2006

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