CWS: Anyone else expect Roemer to dominate today?

By Mark Etheridge - June 21, 2006

There is something about that kid - as cocky as he is - that makes me think he comes out and carves up UNC today. Fullerton probably doesn't have enough pitching to come back and win Thursday against Andrew Miller, but unless Daniel Bard matches Roemer, Fullerton wins today.

Oh, and Rice beats Oregon State.

One other thing: as I was walking out of Rosenblatt last night at 2 A.M., a rabbit crossed my path headed straight into the stadium. Maybe it is the fact that my daughter has watched Alice in Wonderland a hundred dozen times but I couldn't help but think some folks might take that as a Wonderland sign and follow the cottontail inside.

I didn't, because hey, it was after 2 A.M and I'm an old man feeling ancient after five days of doubleheaders. But I did reflect on this place, how hard it is for teams to get here, and all the fans who make the pilgrimage year after year. You see children of all ages here. It is a place where a father can take his grown son and relive those days long gone. I know a lot of people might not "get it", but this old stadium in America's heartland is more than just a place kids play ball. It is a symbol of something bigger. Something hard to put into words but at the same time perfectly unstated. Words aren't necessary -- just a nod of understanding among those who "get it".

Me, I am just honored to be a part of it, Wonderland or not.

Posted by Mark Etheridge at 03:44 PM on June 21, 2006
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Looks like the domination is over big boy! Heels bats blast Rommer in 3rd.

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