CWS: Best comment of the post-game press conference

By Eric Sorenson - June 25, 2006

North Carolina Coach Mike Fox when asked about the Monday pitching matchup, "Tomorrow's game is going to be about execution. The box score showed we had no errors tonight, but that's a little misconceiving. We opened the door for them by not making a couple of plays."

How many times did we see UNC's defense make the wrong decision at the wrong time today? Again, no errors sure, but it seemed like there were four or five plays that, had they been executed, could've meant Carolina is celebrating right now.

Still have to like what UNC has left to throw as opposed to Oregon State. First round draft pick Daniel Bard will get his second start of the series and has Jonathan Hovis and Andrew Carignan as horses in the pen that can be ready and relatively fresh. The Beavers will go with Jonah Nickerson, who will be making his third start of the week, so his durability will be snubbed a bit. Eddie Kunz is a good arm that should be ready to step in. Johnny Wholestaff will take over from there.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 10:36 PM on June 25, 2006
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I am the father of Lindsay Schnell, one of your fellow bloggers. (Is it politically correct to refer to a female as a "fellow" blogger?) I am not sure all of the OSU fans will get the tongue in cheek reference to Johnny Wholestaff. They are probably looking at the roster right now looking for Wholestaff's name and number.

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