CWS: Can't we have co-national champions?

By Eric Sorenson - June 26, 2006

Neither team really deserved to lose this one. This was great, and bad at the same time. I HATED the way that game was decided. I can't believe that.

Glad for the Beavers. Sad for the Heels.

They should've called the game at 2-2.

But congrats Beavs anyway.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 10:19 PM on June 26, 2006
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Yep, most people were pulling for UNC. Even now, they can't admit that the Beavers are the better team. Who cares HOW they won the deciding game; the very fact that they were THERE shows their talent, tenacity, and superiority. UNC was well-rested and lost, Oregon State was tired and won. That says it all. Way to go Beavers from a new fan!

I Am tired of the the titles thinking they bellong east 0f the continail deidel Our OSU Bevers deserved the win they got tonight.
They are a classy,good sported team who contintued when when the national press had already decided, north carolinia was the winner. They that the victory T-shirts ready for sale on Sunday. I am a Beaver Bealiver. and know this was a tream with heart and the will to winn , which they did. Why not give the pac their due. We earned it!!!!!!

I agree with other commentors. There seems to be a tone among the media that favors the East. UNC did not play like champions when the chips were down. "Congrats to the Beavs anyway?" What kind of comment was that? You guys need to go back and review how the Beavers got there. I'm not saying UNC isn't a good team, and I've no doubt lots of sportswriters lament their loss, but for crying out loud, spend some time truly admiring the winners and the road they took rather than fawning over the losers.

A pair of pitches that should arguably have been called strikes decided that game. I watched several replays of that last inning. NC should have been out of the inning. Instead the game is won on a wild pitch. I agree with you. That was a sorry ending to a great contest.

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