CWS: Climb on my back guys

By Mark Etheridge - June 18, 2006

Climb on my back guys.

That's what Georgia Tech sophomore catcher Matt Wieters is saying with his play. Not only is he doing a good job behind the plate, he just hit a home run to left giving his team the lead. After a quick celebration with his teammates, he headed down the Tech bullpen where he warmed up as a pitcher. He is not on the mound yet, but if current pitcher Brad Rulon runs into any signs of trouble, he'll take off the tools of ignorance and move to the bump.

As for his home run, as you saw on TV, the ball appeared to be catchable for Fullerton leftfielder Danny Dorn but a fan reached over and bundled the ball into his body. So often we are told this is a game of inches. This was a great example.

Posted by Mark Etheridge at 04:48 PM on June 18, 2006

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