CWS: Cochise is right, I got caught up in the moment

By Eric Sorenson - June 24, 2006

After last night's stunning shutout of Rice, I did what a lot of people probably couldn't help but do - I became a Beaver believer. Okay, I actually became one after I went up to Corvallis last year to see them win the Pac 10 title vs. USC, but last night took it to another level.

I admit it, Cochise (the dude who commented on last night's blog) was correct, North Carolina was just as much a feel-good/impressive/hot team story too. But I pulled the Lee Corso, put on my beaver headress and made my pick for the championship series on live TV and everything. So I'm not going to go back on it now.

I got caught up in a team from the Pacific Northwest having a chance to win a national title in a sport it has no real measure of success in before two years ago. This is a team that had just shut out the nation's No. 1 ranked team for the second straight night for chrissakes! That top-ranked team had come to Omaha hitting .321 and had the clamps put on them like an S&M mistress. Jonah Nickerson had just thrown down his second impressive showing of the week. Hell, a no-name with one start to his ledger had just beaten the Owls the night before. That name being Daniel Turpen.

Another thing I fell for was the fact that this was a team the whole state has a part in. Of the 30 players on the roster, 20 were Oregonians, including all four starting pitchers. Overall, only four of OSU's players aren't from the Northwest. This is a team for the region. As Cy R. Lansky said in Bad News Bears In Breaking Training, "That's a good story, Morey! That's a good story!"

But let's come down to Earth for just a minute here. Amid all this summer of love feeling, Cochise reminded me that we can't forget North Carolina. Andrew Miller. Robert Woodard. Daniel Bard. Jonathan Hovis. Those four names right there might be enough to put an over-sized ring on their fingers. Plus, they have a few star-filled mound moments this week too, ya' know? Beating No. 1 seeded Clemson and No. 5 seeded Cal State Fullerton, two of the best hitting teams in the country, is no small feat.

If Miller gets a good start on Saturday, like throwing up zeroes in the first four or five innings, we may have to mail this one in to Carolina. Especially given the performances of the other two starters in Omaha. Woodard's 3-hitter of Clemson was remarkable.

Another key: Keep an eye on leadoff hitter Mike Cavasinni. His speed really surprised me. It is, dare I say, Clemsonesque. It seems like he and Josh Horton have been the lead-by-example guys for the sky blue offense this whole post-season.

So, don't put too fine a point on my Oregon State pick. I'm sticking with it, sure. But with having to face those first-round arms, reality can set in really quickly in this one if OSU's not careful. No matter how neat it would be for the national title to go to someone in the "rainbelt" this year.

Go Beavs. Go Heels. Go get after it boys.

And go back to scalping your tickets, Cochise. Your work here is done.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 02:05 AM on June 24, 2006
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What exactly is your point about OSU when you said "this was a team the whole state has a part in?" 21 of UNC's 30 man roster is from NC, and every starter (including DH) the past 2 games has been from the Tar Heel state. So OSU will win because Oregonians pull for their own and North Carolinians don't?

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