CWS: Couple of quick notes (GT up 3-0, 3rd inn)

By Eric Sorenson - June 18, 2006

- Tech looks like they already have Miller figured out.
- Fullerton looks flat.
- Miller's been squeezed big time by the home plate ump, getting a couple of borderline bad calls.
- Tech had a lot of energy in pre-game warm ups and through the early innings.
- I spelled Lindsay Schnell's name incorrectly in my blog last night. Sorry.
- Mark Etheridge won't write it, but he was down near the Miami dugout early on last night and saw that the Canes were figuring out when Dallas Buck was throwing his curve ball.
- According to LSU web-o-phytes, Skip Bertman is coming back to coach LSU.
- According to Mark Etheridge, Bertman is here in Omaha and will be interviewing Alabama's Jim Wells on Monday.
- Josh Davis, a freelance writer/bud of mine from California, decided on Wednesday to come up here and do some writing for Fullerton. He couldn't find a hotel room anywhere in a two-hour radius, so he slept in his car in a hotel parking lot last night. He also showered at a 24-hour fitness this morning.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 02:53 PM on June 18, 2006

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