CWS: D'Alessio takes "best speaker" lead, Gagnier power bat

By Eric Sorenson - June 16, 2006

In game one's post-game press conference, Andy D'Alessio was easily the best speaker and takes the lead in this week's "best post-game speaker" award among the student athletes. I don't have a lot of highlights of his quotes or anything, he just spoke really well and at length about each question. I did like the way he described a non-descript win over Gardner-Webb, where Clemson came from a five or six-run deficit, as one of the key games that turned around their season and led them to believe in their comeback ability.

Also, during the warm-ups for tonight's Fullerton-North Carolina game, I saw Titan Saturday Starter Lauren Gagnier hitting outfield flies near home plate and actually put three of his shots into the left field bleachers. Easy on the power Gagnier. Save it for the game.

Game two is about to start.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 06:48 PM on June 16, 2006

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