CWS: Forgot about my picks... here they are

By Eric Sorenson - June 16, 2006

Just to prove I can take a shot to my credibility, here are my predictions for the College World Series:

Bracket 1-
1- Cal State Fullerton
2- North Carolina
3- Clemson
4- Georgia Tech
Titan pitching and CWS experience outweigh awesome opposition. Clemson's speed and Georgia Tech bats could pull them through (especially if Tech gets warm weather and south-blowing winds as the weather is forcasted to be). Carolina's pitching is great, but the batting has been incredible. If they jump on Wes Roemer early - say first inning or three - this pick could change in a hurry.

Bracket 2-
1- Rice
2- Oregon State
3- Miami
4- Georgia
Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. That says enough about this pick. BUT - two things to keep in mind: 1- Oklahoma put a serious hurtin' on the Owl pitchers in the Super Regionals and if that trend continues, then Rice won't. And 2- OSU is the best-kept secret in college baseball with stout pitching of its own. They also have that high-value College World Series experience.

Championship round:

Rice in three over Cal State Fullerton- just like in March.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 01:36 PM on June 16, 2006
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As a Rice alumnus, I like your picks. I also think they're the most likely. Go Owls!

Well, you have Clemson over GT, but I was hoping you might have them at the top of their bracket... and how is Clemson's speed their best attribute? Watching the Titan/Tarheel game (End of 3rd inning now), it looks like pitching takes second place to batting - two HRs against each of the two aces so far. "If they jump on Wes Roemer early - say first inning or three - this pick could change in a hurry." Well, that has happened, but CSF have hit UNCs pitcher harder. This seems to be a slugfest, not a pitcher's duel! I think you may have put too much emphasis on pitching! Oh, and Clemson has saved their ace for the second game, so that looks promising too. I love Omaha, GO TIGERS!!!

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