CWS: Fullerton fight song

By Eric Sorenson - June 21, 2006

Don't know if you guys can hear it on TV, but every time a team scores a run here at the College World Series, the p.a. will play that teams' fight song. Except for Cal State Fullerton.

The Titans haven't had a football team since 1992, so there is no official fight song, per se. Hell, I'm thinking they didn't even have a fight song back then either. There is no band for the basketball games, not even the small pep band variety.

So that's why you won't hear any Fullerton clapping in unison with a fight song when they score again.

In fact, now that I think of it, I hope we see more and more non-BCS schools here in Omaha. That's always a good thing.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 05:56 PM on June 21, 2006
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Frankly, I've been rooting for Fullerton vs Rice in the final series since the CWS began. The BCS schools can have football, let the other schools shine for America's Pastime.

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