CWS: Fullerton finally gets its breaks when it needs it

By Eric Sorenson - June 18, 2006

It's hard to believe we're sitting here blogging about a Cal State Fullerton win today. Nothing seemed to go right for the Titans. Every borderline call, every strange bounce and especially every umping decision went against the Titans for 8.2 innings. Then, on the weakest two-run infield single in the history of mankind, they found redemption.

Cory Vanderhook, the goat from Friday night, turned unlikely hero with his "powershot" that scooted under Michael Fisher's glove with two out and bases loaded in the 9th. And boy, did Vanderhook get some ribbing in the press conference. George Horton even said, "that's the best 90-foot hit I've ever seen."

Teammates Danny Dorn and Dustin Miller couldn't hold in their laughs.

Coach Horton started the Fullerton side of the press conference by saying, "Not that I though the game was over, but with two outs and nobody on, I was thinking of things to say to the team afterward. But this typifies this group of young men. That's a definition of how we play. Hard-working teams make their own luck."

One other note:
Going back a couple of innings, you should've heard the Fullerton fans I was sitting near getting phone call after phone call about how the fan in left field stole the Wieters home run away from Danny Dorn. Oh the humanity!... had the game ended 5-4. But in this game, sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't. That was never more evident than tonight.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 06:31 PM on June 18, 2006

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