CWS: Grounds Crew Combine

By Lindsay Schnell - June 17, 2006

So the guy next to me in the press box agrees that the field crew must undergo some sort of tryout before they're made part of the grounds crew -- some sort of ground crew combine, you know? We figure this because they can all run REALLY fast and have to have this coordination thing down like nobody's business. They're probably timed on their 40-yard dash time. It's pretty entertaining.

The break clearly didn't do Oregon State any good; Miami has already scored four more runs and now the Beavers are down 11-0. Pretty much, Oregon State is experiencing what Stanford did last weekend in Corvallis. And it's not any prettier. Basically, the recap of the game could go like this: the Hurricanes have hit the ball really, really well and really, really hard and really really far. Oregon State is trying out its fourth pitcher of the night (Joe Patterson) and hoping something miraculous can happen.

To make it worse, there are about six Beaver fans left in the stadium after the hour and 35 minute rain delay.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 10:48 PM on June 17, 2006

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