CWS: Hello, home run

By Lindsay Schnell - June 24, 2006

Cole Gillespie just ripped a shot over the centerfield wall for his 13th home run of the season. Also, he did it when John Wallace was on base; Oregon State is now up 3-2 over the Tar Heels.

Lightning and rain delay now. And just like last time, the grounds crew is working in fast fashion. I'm telling you, there are tryouts for the CWS ground crew ... if the Beavers don't make it back for the 2007 series, do you think I could try out for it? Where do I get information on something like this?

I feel for ESPN on these delays, you know ... it totally messes up the whole TV schedule. And then people don't get to watch SportsCenter at the right time and that just makes them angry. Really, the weather just ticks everyone off. Who do we talk to about this?

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 08:44 PM on June 24, 2006

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