CWS: it's going to be a scor-chah!... and other notes

By Eric Sorenson - June 20, 2006

Today's high temperature is forecast to reach 97 degrees. According to's hourly forecast, game time conditions for the Clemson-Fullerton 4pm game are going to be 94 degrees, 35% humidity and winds from the south-southwest at 16mph. So the wind will play a part as it will be a moderate wind blowing straight out to center field.

- Georgia and Georgia Tech were the two teams to go 0-2 this year in the CWS. The last time two teams from the same state were the first eliminated was 1998 when Florida State and Miami went winless.

- Oregon State almost became the first school to ever go 0-6 in the College World Series. But yesterday's 5-3 win over Georgia, left the Beavers tied with North Carolina and Baylor as two teams that started out 0-5. Baylor's win came last year vs. OSU.

- Talking to Lindsay Schnell yesterday, she said that when she went to OSU's practice on Sunday, she thought the team was very loose and relaxed, despite the 11-1 shellacking it took to Miami. Turns out her premonition was true as the Beavers looked like the team that won 44 games coming into Omaha.

- And yes, the most surprising stat of the week so far would have to be the fact that Clemson has gone scoreless in 16 of 17 innings and also have just five hits in those same innings.

- I've gotta say, the crowds have been a little on the light side. Yesterday's attendance for the two sessions were 17,135 and 22,283. On Sunday, it was 18,974 and 21,329. So the crowds haven't been on pace with the last few years where every early round and weekend game was in the 20,000+ range. Probably the heat and the lack of teams named Nebraska, Texas and LSU.

- If Lauren Gagnier (14-5) is able to overcome the food poisoning he suffered from on Sunday and make the start today vs. Clemson, he has a chance to grab the national lead in wins. Currently he is tied with TCU's Jake Arriata at 14 Ws.

- Best post-game press conference quote: Fullerton's Dustin Miller, when commenting on his feelings when the Titans were down to their last out and no baserunners vs. Georgia Tech, "I thought, '$#!}, we're done.' But then I thought, we still have one out to go. It was exciting." The press room, and especially Danny Dorn and Cory Vanderhook sitting next to him busted out in laughter.

- Cal State Fullerton has scored 11 of its 12 runs in the College World Series with two outs

- Here's something completely off the cuff: Omaha was recently rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 15 regions in the country. And Parenting magazine named Omaha as one of the Top 10 cities in the country to raise a family.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 11:28 AM on June 20, 2006

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