CWS: Miami Shows they are for real

By Doug Kroll - June 18, 2006

It was good times and good spirits after Miami showed some that they do indeed belong here in Omaha with the big boys. I know i said i would blog when i got back to the hotel but the combination of no internet and wanting to celebrate the big win with the team kept me from doing so!

What can i say that i haven't said over the last 3 weeks because it has been the same story. Every night someone else is stepping up big for this team. Last night it was Dennis Raben driving in 4 runs. Last weekend it was Danny Valencia driving in 7 runs to lead Miami to Omaha. This team could hit anyone in the country right now, and i think they prooved that last night after Miami lit up a pretty good pitcher in Dallas Buck.

The combination of all of the bats staying hot from last week, to Scott Maine showing why he can be this team's ace out on the hill, has put Miami in a position to face perhaps the best team here in Omaha: Rice. Miami matched up real well with Oregon State. A team like the Beavers doesn't scare the Hurricanes right now, because it's pitching that Miami is lacking. When a team has only hit 32 homeruns all year, they aren't the team that has given Miami fits this season. It's teams like Rice, Clemson, North Carolina, Georgia Tech that have. The teams with the real big bats have gone out and hurt Miami this year, and Rice is going to have not only that, but the pitching to go along with it.

You can't hit as well as Miami has over the last 3 weeks. They have averaged now exactly 10 runs per game in the post-season. For me, we really find out if this Miami team is in for a long run here tomorrow.

Posted by Doug Kroll at 03:16 PM on June 18, 2006

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