CWS: More pet peeves

By Eric Sorenson - June 19, 2006

While Rice increases its lead to 3-1 in the 4th, here are more things that would imporve the CWS experience...

1- Use the "pitch speed" indicator.
The scoreboard that sits down the right field line has a "pitch speed" indicator, but it isn't used here at the CWS. Look, if they can have some superfluous camera on wires that scrolls up and down the left field line which gets in the way of fans' sight lines, couldn't they seem fit to use the pitch speed indicatior?

2- Please widen the aisles in Rosenblatt.
If you saw "Super Size Me" then you know people are only getting bigger. Hopefully the stadium renovations in the future will include taking out at least two rows of seats to accomodate the large number of fans on the walkways here.

3- Put a "shock zone" above each outfield fence.
Just like those invisible dog fences people have, make any fan that reaches over the wall receive a quick, painful jolt of electricity. That way, plays like the one last night where Danny Dorn got interfered with by a fan reaching over to catch the ball won't happen again.

4- Turn the stadium lights off during the day.
I still can't figure why they burn so much electricity by keeping the stadium lights on all day long, even on a cloudless day like today. Don't they know that Californians are suffering from corporate-driven rolling blackouts?

5- Rosenblatt needs a hockey-like crowd control.
Sitting in the stands a couple of times this weekend, you couldn't help but get frustrated at the numerous times that people would walk down a row, forcing others to stand up so they could get by, and doing this all with a bases-loaded, two-out situation taking place on the field. At hockey games, you can't even walk down an aisle until a stoppage in play.

6- Beer sales.
Or did I already mention this one in a previous blog?

7- Somebody tell ESPN to bump College World Series highlights to an earlier spot on SportsCenter.
It gets so frustrating waiting for highlights from the sport we love during the 60 or 90 minute show. And I mean sitting through NBA (ugh!), World Cup, golf (good Gawd!) and NASCAR hightlights first. Damn!

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 07:34 PM on June 19, 2006
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Once again, the best part about going to memorial stadium and watching a football game without worrying about a stupid drunk. Same goes with the rosenblatt, who wants to watch a game with a drunk making a retard out of him self and irritating every other fan. That is what i love about nebraska sporting events, no beer served!

Good pitching always beats
good hitting... and vice versa
Casey Stengel
So,guys and gals, remember the
night... last night it was
pitching. Tomorrow night, when
ace throws, and great hitting
knocks the cover off his
pitches, give those radar hacking plate defenders some

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