CWS: New rule- if a fan drops a home run ball onto the field, that fan DOES NOT deserve that ball

By Eric Sorenson - June 16, 2006

You see it happen all the time, a fan at the wall drops a home run ball into the field of play and the player goes over there and flips the ball back to Mr. Butterfingers. It happened again today with Andy D'Alessio's home run, when Tech CF Steven Blackwood did the deed to the undeserving fan.

As usual, we still see a handful of LSU fans. One old dude that was throwing beeds into the crowd is a regular. Of course, my friend had to jibe the guy by yelling out "Go get a coach!"

The new scoreboard is pretty impressive. Only thing is, the numbers up there are so tiny, I can hear my father complaining about it from here.

Okay, Tech's Luke Murton has just thrown shoulder-block No. 9 on the day, this time leading to a shoving match. C'mon Murton, it's okay to get frustrated over this thorough arse-kicking, but try not to show your lack of anger management skills.

I'm still waiting for that 80% chance of rain to show it's ugly face today.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 04:36 PM on June 16, 2006

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