CWS: OSU goes with Nickerson, I meet Tanner, Lambert rules and the media girls rule.

By Eric Sorenson - June 22, 2006

Pat Casey and the OSU staff decide to go with Jonah Nickerson, the Monday winning pitcher vs. Georgia, to start today's game with Rice. Nickerson pitched 7.0 innings, giving up just four hits and walking none in getting his 12th win of the season.

The thinking here is that the Beavers will probably start the roller-coaster that is Dallas Buck in game one of the title series, if they win this one.

On another note, big props to the venerable CSTV blogger Glenn Tanner, who I finally got to meet out at his tailgate before the game. His wife was totally cool too, but didn't seem to cotton to my bragging I did about him, explaining that his head was already big enough. Nonetheless, the best part had to be the free beers I was able to coax from him. Thanks big daddy... even if it wasn't Falstaff.

Also, in the food line up in the press box, I got to chat briefly with my Rosenblatt hero, Lambert Bartak, the stadium organist. I asked the venerable ivory tickler how many years he's had this gig going and he told me 50 years. Wow! Keep up the good work Mr. Lambert. (He is insufferably nice too. Perhaps one of the nicest people I ever met. AND he actually remembered me from last year.)

Lastly, I also talked briefly with a few of the press conference girls who work the room by shuffling the microphones to each of the reporters who have questions. You probably don't know this but they have been quite entertaining in their own rite, since they always seem to be laughing at whatever it is they say to each other on their headsets. So yes, while teams like Clemson and Georgia have sat in their post-game press conference nearly in tears, they have, sheepishly had to bite thier lips from chuckling out loud.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 07:51 PM on June 22, 2006

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