CWS: Pat Casey... wanted man

By Eric Sorenson - June 26, 2006

This is just a random thought here. And I'm sure this has already crossed a lot of people's minds too.

Oregon State coach Pat Casey is, according to ESPN, the lowest paid coach in the Pac 10. He has been at OSU for the past 12 years, building an unlikely off-the-beaten-path school into a national power. He has now led the Beavers to their second straight College World Series. He has them playing for their first national championship ever. He's still young and obviously enthusiastic about coaching.

Don't you figure just about everybody with an opening will be after this guy? (Well, except for USC, who jumped the gun with a 'suprising' pick).

Now that I think of it, is Skip Bertman still up in Omaha? Hmmm.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 12:56 PM on June 26, 2006
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This has crossed a lot of minds this week.

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