CWS: Pet peeves about CWS

By Eric Sorenson - June 17, 2006

No. 1: Why the hell do they have to refer to it as "Men's" College World Series? For 50 years it was simply known as "The College World Series." Please change it back.

Now, some more blood boilers, in no particular order:
- The two four-team brackets (hate seeing teams play each other three times. Go back to the old, pre-88 brackets)
- slow-walking people
- blue jean shorts
- capri pants (oh God, don't get me started on the ones dudes wear)
- the coaches interviews that halts play between innings
- the over-bearing sound system that is a tad too loud
- 90+ degree days (my scandanavian blood can't take it)
- piped in music (give me Lambert Bartak)
- Lack of beer at Rosenblatt
- The tiny letters and numbers on the new scoreboard
- The dropped third-strike rule (just dumb)
- Beach balls

More later

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 07:42 PM on June 17, 2006
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Beach Balls? Come on! You obviously haven't sat in the GA outfield section during a pitchers dual at Rosenblatt in the 90+ degree heat! Beach balls can be our last dose of sanity...

But I agree with you on most of the other points. (but capris on the ladies can be hot)

The beer come on sorenson sporting events are better enjoyed without alcohol. Thats the best part about nebraska, alcohol is not allowed at sporting events.

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