CWS: Rain Delay good or bad?

By Doug Kroll - June 17, 2006

The grounds crew is finishing up work on the field, and now comes the question, who will finish off this ballgame for the hurricanes. With a 7-0 lead it probably will not be closer Chris Perez. What a performance though by Scott Maine. More to come on that later, but he inspires this team and when he pitches well, this lineup does wonders at the plate. The team has continued right where it left off last weekend in Oxford. Will recap Miami's side of things after this game is over and i get back to the hotel.
P.S. Rain delay's stink on the radio! Thank god for a 2 man booth this weekend, it would be tough talking to myself for over an hour.

Posted by Doug Kroll at 10:24 PM on June 17, 2006
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Where is Jeremy Mills (staff writer for most of CUSA and Rice Games so far / Is he not writing for Rice at the CWS?

We NEED THE professional writing from CUSA!!!

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