CWS: Say goodbye to- Cal State Fullerton

By Eric Sorenson - June 21, 2006

Kind of like that old Saturday Night Live skit, "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave" this was the team that wouldn't go away. If you're anything like me, you fully expected the Titans to make this game today a nail-biter down to the last out. And, I s'pose they did. If the wind wasn't blowing in, SuperFrosh David Cooper's drive to the wall in the 9th finds its way into the crowd and ties the game.

But for all their magic, the Titans seemed to be snakebit against the Tar Heels. They did things they normally just don't do in their two losses. Baserunning gaffes, an untimely error here or there and a bunt that doesn't quite get laid down right. The game of inches, just didn't come out their way, when usually it does. That's how this team makes its living.

One thing I was sure to ask Coach Horton in the post-game news conference was about his feelings on staying near the top in the college baseball world after he loses so many fielders off this year's team. He was quick to point out, "We always come back with another good team. That's how this program is, year after year. It doesn't matter who we lose. I remember in 1994, we lost to Georgia Tech here in Omaha and lost a lot of good players, like Dante Powell and Jeff Ferguson, and all we did the next year was win the national championship."

As if playing off that thought, Coach Horton gave the most notable parting shot when Fullerton's turn at the microphone was over as he leaned into the microphone one last time and said, "You guys are awesome (the media members) and we'll be back next year."

Kevin Gunderson, are you channelling through Coach Horton?

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 09:52 PM on June 21, 2006

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