CWS: Say goodbye to- Miami

By Eric Sorenson - June 21, 2006

First off, don't be shocked when the Hurricanes make another visit to the College World Series in the next year or two. These guys are young. Did you see Jemile Weeks at the Super Regionals? Did you see Dennis Raben in the regionals? Did you see Yonder Alonso living up to his name all season long in leading the Canes in home runs and RBI? Did you see Blake Tekotte leading the batting order earlier in the year?

Jim Morris' guys aren't going anywhere anytime soon, I'm tellin' ya'.

After the way they've played down the stretch, I AM a little surprised the Canes went out with such a whimper today. But the pitching depth came into play, just as I feared it would for the U. Carlos Gutierrez came back after a month of being off with an injury, but only lasted 2.0 innings and got knocked around pretty good by the Beavers today.

That set the tone for a rousing 8-1 rout, getting retribution for their 11-1 woodshed job they put on OSU on Saturday.

The Miami Hurricanes end the season 42-22 and a LOT further along than I thought they'd make it in the post-season. They entered the College World Series as easily the hottest team in the country. Raise your hand if you thought the Canes would escape Lincoln, Nebraska? Raise both hands if you thought the Canes would recover from the game one loss at Ole Miss? Raise both hands, both feet and your doppleganger's arms if you thought they'd come back from behind to beat the Rebels two games to one in the Supers?

This team, in full rebuilding mode, over-acheived all the way around. That's fully attributed to Jim Morris' absolute knowledge of how to win in the post-season. You gotta love that guy in the month of June.

Good season Canes. I know it doesn't sound like a great reward right now, but this team had an awesome 2006.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 03:02 AM on June 21, 2006

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