CWS: Taking stock going into Monday

By Eric Sorenson - June 19, 2006

Should be an interesting day. Ten hours from now, another team will get the heave-ho and another team will get that overused "driver's seat" moniker stuck to it.

It's Oregon State vs. Georgia in the first game. Tonight's second contest sees Miami vs. Rice in the winner's bracket game.

- Oregon State better win because:
After last year's solid - yet winless - showing, the Beavers don't want to leave Omaha in two games again while looking bad doing it this time.

- Georgia better win because:
SEC pride has taken enough hits lately in the CWS. Four of the last six two-and-outs have been SEC teams here in Omaha. Mickey Westphal must have a good outing.

- Miami better win because:
Although they are hotter than the center of the freakin' sun, they are still a tad thin in pitching. Like Westphal above, a career effort from Manny Miguelez (or Danny Gil, if they start him instead), will help.

- Rice better win because:
They are now officially the Duke of college baseball and they are expected to win this thing. And with their barely tapped pitching staff, it's easy to see why.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 12:22 PM on June 19, 2006

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