CWS: The other side of the coin

By Eric Sorenson - June 18, 2006

You can't help but feel really, really bad for Georgia Tech. Take away two horrible innings and the Jackets are 2-0 and sitting around until Wednesday. As it is, this is two blown leads late in the game that are hard to take.

Danny Hall, "That's two of the toughest losses I've been a part of. The ball just didn't quite bounce the Yellow Jackets way. This is a special group of guys, that's what makes this kind of ending so hard to take."

Mike Trapani, the Tech 2Bman on the Vanderhook hit that squirted away from Shortstop Michael Fisher's glove, "I thought he had it all the way. I was yelling 'Fish! Fish!' and I thought he was going to get it and make the play. That's the worst hop I've ever seen."

Danny Hall on the same play, "I've never seen a hop that bad. It was gonna be a tough play anyway, but to get two runs out of it?..."

One more note:
Any Tech fans out there know where Georgia Tech super-fan "Afroman" was this weekend? I saw him at the ACC tournament sitting in the front row of the stands right next to the Jacket dugout. And I thought for sure he wouldn't miss this chance to see Tech play in the Mecca of college baseball. Just wondering.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 06:49 PM on June 18, 2006

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