CWS: The Titan Hous and StadiumView Sports Cards

By Eric Sorenson - June 21, 2006

Early on during this second game I made my way over to the Titan House across the street from the stadium and took in a little bit of the feel and attitude of the Cal State Fullerton players and fans after tonight's loss to North Carolina. Turns out most of them were bummed at the loss, of course, but to be honest I also got the "eh... we'll be back" kind of feel from the fans who didn't have kids on the team.

There were a lot hugs and a few tears here and there as well. Especially when you realize players like Justin Turner, Danny Dorn and Blake Davis, vets who have been the backbone of this team, took their unis off for the last time.

I also made my annual pilgrimige to the StadiumView Sports Card shop a few houses up on 13th and treated myself to another old College World Series program as I do each time I'm up here in the O. This time I bought the 1986 program, noted for LSU's first CWS appearance, a northeastern team's last appearance (Maine) and Loyola Marymount - the school closest to my house - making its only appearance.

The owner of the StadiumView joint also was nice enough to offer me a free beer. I noticed on his T-shirts in the shop he proudly points out "over 15,000 beers given away since 1992." Thanks for the Bud, bud.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 11:54 PM on June 21, 2006

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