CWS: Things I'm lookin' forward to in game five

By Eric Sorenson - June 18, 2006

- Seeing which starter steps up today, Blake Wood or Dustin Miller.
- The guns of outfielders Jeff Kindel and Wally Crancer vs. the doubles-speed of Fullerton.
- Seeing if Matt Wieters moves from behind the dish to on the mound at some point.
- Who Fullerton goes to first if Miller tires, considering their staff was so depleted after one game.
- The patient bats of the Titans against the 41 walks given out by Blake Wood.
- Seeing if Miller can keep the big swinging Tech bats off-kilter enough to stem the tide.
- Wondering if the large amount of open seats gets filled by mid-game.
- Lambert Bartak's 7th inning stretch.
- Seeing how long I actually last out in the 90-degree sunshine today.
- What's the over/under on Holly Rowe finally doing away with the jacket she's wearing today?

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 02:05 PM on June 18, 2006

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