CWS: Tough postseason for SEC

By Mark Etheridge - June 19, 2006

For a league that boasts to be the nations's toughest conference, their postseason success came up a tad short this season. They won just three Regionals, despite hosting five. Of those three, all hosted Super Regionals. Only Georgia made it to Omaha and they left abruptly.

Their conference took a hit this year, especially with little brother ACC kicking tail in Omaha.

The SEC is the most balanced conference. The difference between their top teams and bottom teams is minimal. However, the top SEC teams are not measuring up when it counts the most, on the game's biggest stage.

Posted by Mark Etheridge at 06:39 PM on June 19, 2006
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No doubt the SEC had a poor showing overall in the NCAA race but not all of the three schools who won regionals hosted Super Regionals. Also, the one that did not host (South Carolina), played against UGA (Another SEC Foe). I just thought i would mention that in all fairness to the SEC on a down post season year.


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